What else can go wrong now?

We’ve had a string of events in which after each one Ed and I are tempted to ask one another, what else can go wrong now?  But, we know better than to ask that question since we really don’t want to know how bad things can get.  Yesterday morning our son noticed that the cat had a puffy cheek.  For you pet lovers, yes, it was infected.  And, yes, it was after our vet had closed for the day.

Ed and I both knew that the cat had an infection and needed surgery and we could not wait until Monday.  Ed asked, how are we going to pay for this?  Our credit card limits have been lowered, we have little cash, what are we supposed to do?  I called the emergency clinic and payment was by either cash or credit card.  Darn, no checks, which we could have paid in full.  I checked our cards and found one that had available credit.

So, on Saturday afternoon Ed went to the emergency vet with the cat.  Total cost, just under $500.00.  Ed was able to charge it thank goodness.

The cat is doing fine.  He is a “cone-head kitty”, is housebound for a week, and needs antibiotics for ten days.  Darn cat, we’ve always told him, if he wants to go out and fight, fine, he just needs to win and not get hurt.

What else can go wrong now?  Oops!  I’m not supposed to say that!

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