Customer Service

One of my errands today was to deposit enough in the checking account to cover the automatic equity line payment withdrawal.  I really dislike going to “C” bank, but I go because I need to make the deposit.  Today was different.  After being ignored by the employees since “C” took over, they must have recently attended a customer service seminar.  As soon as we entered the bank we were greeted by an employee, and yes, we said “hello” in return.  While I was preparing my deposit slip, he offered to help me with my transaction, and I told him it was just a deposit that I’d take to a teller.

After making my deposit and starting to leave, he approached us again asking how old my son was, does he have a savings account, and “let me give you my business card so you can come back and talk to me.”  What I didn’t say is that my son already has a savings account at another bank and we have no intention of opening one up for him at “C” bank.  What a change in the employees behavior from six months ago, from frosty to friendly.  I really didn’t quite know what to make of it all.

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