Creative Vultures

As soon as I saw the car driving slowly down the street with two woman inside, I knew, I just knew what was coming.  The kids and I were getting into our car and I saw the sedan come down the street, park, two women get out, and walk toward me.  In short, they were two realtors from a local office who were offering to sell our home because they know we’re in foreclosure.  They even mentioned the final date we have before the bank sells the house.  They were very polite and professional.  I was polite, too, and asked them if they had business cards.  They were well prepared.  Along with business cards, they had an entire brochure prepared which showcased their sales and copies of recent real estate newspaper articles.  The women then got into their car and slowly drove away.  I got into my car with the kids, and drove off to take care of my errands.  As I drove my emotions ranged from being upset and on the verge of tears, to irritated as to the nerve of these woman trolling for clients.  My husband’s response after I told him, he said, “it felt like an invasion of our privacy.”

By the way, the reason I asked for these woman’s business cards is because I have no intention of using their services and their names are going into my vulture file.  As far as I’m concerned, while some may view these realtors as going after an opportunity, I feel that they are no different than the ambulance chasers, the lawyers who give their business card to the accident victim as the victim is being lifted into the ambulance.

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